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Interview with CNBLUE

Reporter : CN Blue, the busiest K-pop group in 2012.

Today we’re meeting the 4 gentlemen who are busy being singers and actors.

We’re here at a photography studio where CN Blue and other celebrities from their agency, are doing a photo shoot.

F.T. Island, Song Eun-hee,  and Park Kwang-hyun, were all part of the same agency.

Everyone :It’s been awhile. How are you?

Yong-hwa : Hi, Entertainment Broadcast. It’s been awhile.

Reporter : Though the shooting lasted all night, everyone was in good spirits.

And here is the oldest CN Blue member, Yong-hwa.

Yong-hwa : Why aren’t you saying hi?

Reporter : Wow, he’s a tough one.

Yong-hwa : I was kidding.

Can I see that? .

I want to see how I look.

on camera?

Reporter : You look great.

CN Blue just came back after doing a concert in Japan.

Like other K-pop stars, .

their popularity is spreading globally.

You were a huge hit in Japan.  

Member : In our opinon…

Yong-hwa : We’re not that popular. There were 100,000 people there.

Reporter :100,000 fans?  That’s quite a lot.

Yong-hwa : I guess it is.

Reporter :  The 4 of you make a handsome group.

Yong-hwa : True.

Jong-hyun : We think about it sometimes.

Reporter : Right? I would think you all believe.

everyone in your group is handsome.

Yong-hwa :You can’t tell if you look at us individually, .

but with the 4 of us on stage, .

I’d say we’re pretty amazing.

Reporter : Do you guys have a weakness of some sort?

Yong-hwa : We do. We have a lot.

Jung-shin : First, we can’t dance.

Min-hyuk : That’ll be the end of us.

Reporter : CN Blue members are known to be good at acting.

Most of them have become recognized actors, .

proving that young pop stars are capable of acting.

So we decided to take some time to review their acting.

The members laugh as they watch clips of dramas they were in.

Yong-hwa : He’s a good-looking guy.

Reporter : Who?

Yong-hwa : Shin-woo.

Reporter : He meant himself.

Yong-hwa : This line is widely used now. “She’s my girl.”

Min-hyuk : “I can’t take a shower if you’re here.”

Reporter : Yong-hwa doesn’t seem happy about Min-hyuk imitating him.

Yong-hwa : “I can’t take a shower if you’re here.”

Jung-shin :  “Go. I can’t shower if you’re here.”

Yong-hwa : Jung-shin’s good at acting.

Jung-shin : No, I’m not.

Min-hyuk is good at family dramas,

and Yong-hwa is good at melodramas,

Jong-hyun and me do good body language.

Yong-hwa : The thing you do with your hands  and feet.

Reporter : Jong-hyun’s foot work.

Can you sense his sincere acting?

Song-hee says Min-hyuk  is her ideal man.

She’s got a picture of him on her phone.

Eun-hee : I took a picture of Min-hyuk

and there’s a halo behind him.

Here, do you see the halo?

Reporter : I think it’s just the lighting.

Eun-hee : What?

You don’t see the halo?

That’s disappointing.

Only angels can see it.

Reporter : Eun-hee’s love for Min-hyuk doesn’t stop there.

She takes pictures with him endlessly, and after hearing that Min-hyuk is into cars…

Eun-hee : My car is your car, all right Min-hyuk?

I mean it.

Min-hyuk :  Really?

Eun-hee : Of course. Always.

Staff :  And the car is lime-green.

Min-hyuk :  Really?

Staff :  Wait, was it emerald?

Eun-hee :  Mint green.

I’ll bring it to you after you move.

Reporter : When will you be releasing a new album?

Yong-hwa : We keep pushing it off since we end up finding parts that we don’t like.

We’ll do our best to come out with an album that hopefully everyone will enjoy,

and make a fresh comeback.

Reporter : This was CN blue, with a voice that captivates emotions,

and shows powerful stage presence.

Everyone : We are CN Blue! Thank you.

Reporter : We look forward to your next performance!


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