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Interview with Leading Actor and Actress of Yawang

Sang-woo : I play a character named Ha-ryu.

Ha-ryu loves Da-hae very much,

and believes he’ll always love her,

but when Da-hae turns her back on him,

Ha-ryu begins to take revenge.

Soo-ae :  Da-hae and Ha-ryu’s feelings for each other

grows ambivalent throughout the drama.

Having lived poorly as a child,

Da-hae desires to overcome her status

and become successful.

Yoon-ho  :   play Do-hoon, son of

White Crane Group’s chairman,

and younger brother to Do-kyung,

and Soo-ae’s love interest.

As you watch the drama, you’ll see that Do-hoon is initially a bright and vigorous character,

but later on struggles with a lot of distress.

Sung-ryung : I’m Sung-ryung and I play Do-kyung.

Do-kyung is Do-hoon’s sister

who loves him more than anything,

but loses him to Da-hae.

She feels as though

he’s been taken from her.

So Do-kyung isn’t very fond of Da-hae,

and chastises her in the drama.

Joon-hee : I’m Joon-hee and I play Soo-jung.

Soo-jung is

Jae-woong’s girlfriend

who’ll appear in the middle of the series.

Sung-ryung : She’s the only one on Sang-woo’s side.

Sung-ryung : She loves Sang-woo’s character sincerely.

Jun-hee :   Yes.

Sang-woo :  This is the first time I’ve worked with Soo-ae.

So I was curious about her.

At first, it may seem like

she carries a haughty image,

yet she’s very charming.

Sang-woo :   We’ve grown close.

Soo-ae :   Yes.

I’m happy to be working with Sang-woo.

He’s a great actor,

and everyone knows him as…

Sang-woo :  As what?

Soo-ae :  A famous Hallyu star, of course.

On our first day of shooting,

we shot a scene

where Sang-woo cries.

And as his fan,

watching him cry

just moved my heart deeply.

During the entire time he was shooting that scene,

it felt like I was watching him on TV.

Sung-ryung :  Yoon-ho played Do-hoon well.

He was impressive.

Soo-ae :  He picks up on things very quickly,

and is passionate.

Sang-woo :  Yoon-ho is not just any ordinary pop star.

He’s a member of a very famous K-pop group,

so I’m sure people will be biased

towards his acting.

Two programs which Yoon-ho did in the past created biased views,

but his role in our drama

suits him well.

It’s very stable, so as long as Yoon-ho

maintains his role well,

I’m sure he’ll receive a lot of praise

from viewers.

He’s been doing a great job,

and works very hard on the set.

Sung-ryung :  We have a huge age gap.

He’s in his 20’s, I’m in my 40’s.

There’s a secret behind our two lives,

and I’m not quite sure

when it will be revealed,

but it breaks my heart

just thinking about it.

Sang-woo :  We shoot 2 episodes at a time.

We were getting to know each other,

so the intimate scenes were awkward at first.

Soo-ae :  As soon as they said cut,

we pulled away immediately.

Sang-woo :  That was funny.

Soo-ae :  Yes, it was quite funny, actually.

Sung-ryung :  When we shot at scene at an ice rink,

a thousand of Yoon-ho’s fans came

and helped us out.

They stayed from 6AM until the next morning

screaming, shouting,

and cheering us on.

It was an incredible sight.

Yoon-ho :Thank you for all of your support,

and because many of you encouraged us

and cheered us on,

I truly believe that

this drama is going to be a huge success.

Tune in to “Yawang”!

Sang-woo :  I will also be revealing none other than

my abs and back muscles in the drama.

My abs and muscles are very different

from other actors’, so I hope you’ll tune in.

It’ll come on out on episode 1 and 2.

Enjoy our drama!

Soo-ae :  Enjoy!

Yoon-ho  : SBS Monday-Tuesday drama, “Yawang”!

Everyone :  Go team! Thank you!



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