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Interview with Romantic Comedy Queen Gong Hyo-jin and So Ji-seob of Drama “Master’s Sun”

Caption : At a press conference for the new midweek drama ‘The Master’s Sun’, showing on SBS Midnight TV Entertainment

Il-joong : Today we meet the undeniably attractive So Ji-sup, star of the new midweek drama,

Caption  : So Ji-sub plays the role of “Joo Joong-won” Gong Hyo-jin plays “Tae Gong-sil” Il-joong and the lovely Gong Hyo-jin,

Caption : Seo In-guk appears as ‘Kang-woo’, with Kim Yoo-ri as Tae Yi-ryung Il-joong alongside co-stars Seo In-guk and Kim Yoo-ri. These four heartthrobs have joined forces to form one star-studded cast. And the project’s name is “The Master’s Sun”.

Caption : “The Master’s Sun” is a RomCom horror series that sees the teaming-up of a stingy, spoiled and self-centered company director with a gloomy and tearful medium to set the souls of hideous yet tragic ghosts to rest

Il-joong : Gong Hyo-jin’s character wakes up one day to discover that she can see spirits. And the character of So Ji-sup also appears before her out of nowhere. From that point on, the story that unfolds  is equal parts sweet and gruesome.

Reporter  : Ah, it looks like a lot of fun.

Il-joong : We’ve gathered the four main stars together in one place.

Caption : Our hilarious interview with the cast of “The Master’s Sun” starts now...

Il-joong : Hello, everyone.

Cast : Hello.

Il-joong : What were your first impressions of each other?

Caption : First Impressions?

Ji-sub : Well, it was the first time I’d worked with Hyo-jin,

Caption : So Ji-sub says Hyo-jin is just as sweet in real life as her character

Ji-sub : but she’s just as sweet and lovely as she comes across on camera.

Il-joong : And what about Ji-sub himself?

Hyo-jin : I noticed his long legs.

Caption : Hyo-jin noticed Ji-sub’s long legs

Il-joong : You noticed his legs?

Caption : Hyo-jin’s short answer about Ji-sub’s long legs

Hyo-jin :  I was surprised, the first time I saw him.

Il-joong : Oh, really?

Hyo-jin : I wondered “How a pair of legs be so long?”

Ji-sub : I’d pulled up the waistband, you see.

Il-joong : Ah, granddad pants, was it?

Caption : He’d hiked up his pants to make his legs look longer

Il-joong : The drama has quite an unusual name, does it have a special meaning?

Caption : What’s the meaning of “The Master’s Sun”?

Ji-sub : Well, it comes from the first letters of our characters’ names.

Caption : “Joo” also means “Master”

Caption : “Tae” comes from “Sun”

Ji-sub : Master, Sun. She had to give up a lot of her femininity to play this role.

Caption : Has Gong Hyo-jin played down her femininity to play the part of “Sun”?

Ji-sub : Between her clothes and her make-up and her hair, she had to make a lot of sacrifices to create a homely character.

Hyo-jin : I was always getting in trouble, people kept telling me to wash my hair.

Caption : Within the drama, the character of Master constantly nags Sun to wash her hair

Hyo-jin : “The Master” is always telling Sun to wash her hair.

Il-joong  : Ah, you mean in the drama, not in real life?

Caption : It probably happened in real life too, since she was so absorbed in her role

Ji-sub : It probably happened in real life as well.

Ji-sub : Because she gets so carried away.

Hyo-jin : I get carried away?

Caption : “Are you saying I don’t wash my hair?!”

Il-joong : One thing that sets “The Master’s Sun” apart is its status as a Romantic-Comedy-Horror. This new blend of romantic comedy with the suspense aspects of horror, the mixture of light-hearted fun and unexpected moments of terror, make this an entirely new and addictive genre of drama.

Caption : Tip for Understanding “The Master’s Sun”! Whenever Gong-sil (Sun) touches the Master (Joong-won), she can no longer see ghosts. The result is a new dramatic genre: RoCo Horror!

Il-joong : Do any of the four of you believe in ghosts?

Caption : Any believers amongst you?

In-guk : I think I do.

Caption : Seo In-guk / “Kang-woo” “I think I believe in ghosts”

In-guk : For example, if you imagine a hill with a lot of trees on it, I wouldn’t be able to get to the top for fear that something would jump out at me.

Ji-sub : I have a sort-of similar thing. I really don’t like balloons. I’m scared they’ll explode.

Caption Fear of balloons = ‘globophobia’

Ji-sub : Things with sharp edges stand out, and it feels quite threatening.

Il-joong : In that case, you might have to do something about that nose...

Caption : If you don’t like sharp objects, what about your nose? Kim Il-joong’s pointed question

Ji-sub : Ah, you couldn’t let that one go, could you?

Il-joong : Ji-sub, your character is quite an abrasive  plutocrat,

Caption : Is Ji-sub as hard to handle as his character?

Il-joong : do you resemble him in real life?

Ji-sub : No, not at all.

Hyo-jin : He’s a really nice guy in real life. He doesn’t really get angry, Although, are you sure you don’t suffer from road rage.  when we can’t see you?

Ji-sub : No, I don’t.

Hyo-jin : There are a lot of people like that.

Caption : The Ji-sub that we see before us has a heart of gold, but what about when he’s behind the wheel?

Hyo-jin : Stylists are a bit like that - if there are no actors around, they can be quite...

Caption : Hyo-jin Dishes the Dirt When there are no actors around, stylists turn into Divas!

Il-joong  : But you’re alright?

Ji-sub :  I don’t really get angry. I don’t really like it when people get angry and shout.

Caption : Quiet-man So Ji-sub is not quick to anger and doesn’t like it when people shout

Il-joong : Ah, you don’t like it when people shout?

Ji-sub : I’ve told this story a lot, but when I first came out...

Caption : Hyo-jin starts to laugh...   What’s funny?

Il-joong : What? Hyo-jin, what’s so funny?

Caption : Why is she laughing? Apparently she just laughs a lot

Ji-sub : She’s always like this.

Hyo-jin You look so serious!

Caption : Hyo-jin’s speaking in tongues

Il-joong  : What? What is it?

Reporter  : That’s so sweet.

Hyo-jin :  I always laugh for no reason.

Il-joong  :  Ah, is that right?

Caption : “I always laugh for no reason”

Il-joong : We’re talking about horror, what is there to laugh at?

Caption : It’s a horror story...

Hyo-jin :  You just looked so surprised.

Ji-sub : There’s nothing behind him, is there?

Caption : She’s off in her own world

Hyo-jin : No, there’s nothing.

Il-joong : Alright, then.

Il-joong : Yoo-ri, is it true that you appear as Gong-sil’s on-screen rival?

Caption Hyo-jin and Yoo-ri are on-screen rivals

Yoo-ri : Yes, but it’s all on my part.

Caption : Yoo-ri’s character is the instigator of a one-way rivalry

Il-joong : Ah, so she doesn’t respond... Is there anything that you envy about Hyo-jin in real life?

Caption : Does Yoo-ri feel envious in real life?

Yoo-ri : Actually, I’ve never told anyone this, but Hyo-jin is someone I’ve really wanted to work with for a long time.

Caption : “Actually, I’ve really wanted to work with Hyo-jin”

Il-joong : And not So Ji-sub?

Caption : Satisfied!

Yoo-ri : Of course I wanted to meet Ji-sub as well, but I’m really happy that I finally get to work with Miss Gong.

Caption : Gong Hyo-jin’s Ego Boost “I’m happy to finally work with Miss Gong”

In-guk : I’ve heard a lot of people say That she works really hard to adapt to the male lead’s style.

Caption : Gong Hyo-jin’s Ego Boost She works hard to adapt to the male lead’s style

Hyo-jin : Yes, I think I started that rumour.

Caption : “I was the one who started that rumour”

Il-joong : Ah, so that’s where it started? Have we found the source?

Ji-sub : Actually, Hyo-jin’s the reason I decided to get involved in the project.

Caption : A Heartwarming Moment All three of her co-stars pay Hyo-jin nice compliments

Il-joong  : Is that right?

Ji-sub :  It is.

Il-joong : Aww, it’s lovely that all of you get on so well.

Ji-sub : She owes me dinner now, when we’re finished.

Caption : Hyo-jin must pay for those compliments with dinner  “So Wily”  seems like a good nickname...

Il-joong : “So Wily” and “Lovely” Gong seem like good nicknames for these two.

Caption : Gong Hyo-jin’s nickname is ‘Lovely’ Gong

Il-joong : But there’s someone

Caption : But what about Mr. Popular, Seo In-guk?

Il-joong : who would love to have such a cool nickname. It’s Seo In-guk...

In-guk : People used to call me a dog because there’s a kind of dog that looks like me.

Caption : Ocelots too...

In-guk : And people say I look like an ocelot.

Il-joong : I’ve always wondered... people say Ji-sub looks like Yi Hwang...

Caption : Our reporter decides that So Ji-sub looks like Yi Hwang...

Il-joong : Ah, I’m sorry.

Ji-sub :  You’re going to show a picture, aren’t you?

Il-joong : Huh - would we do such a thing?

Caption : Are you going to show a picture? I would never!

Il-joong : I’m sorry, Mr. So, but you look so alike, it’s uncanny.

Caption : This is the last time, Ji-sub, we promise...

Ji-sub :  I think there’s a similarity there, too.

Il-joong : Right? You admit it?

Caption : Straight from the Horse’s Mouth “I think there’s a similarity there, too”

Ji-sub : We look a lot alike.

Il-joong : You should feel sorry for In-guk - we’re gonna show a lot of doggie look-alikes.

Caption : In consolation, In-guk’s getting dog pictures

Il-joong We’re comparing him to an animal, you know?

Caption This summer’s new drama is guaranteed to keep you cool during the hottest months It’s more than you can imagine it to be Catch “The Master’s Sun”  or you’ll regret missing it

Il-joong :  It’s sweet.

Hyo-jin : It’s scary.



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