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Interview with Ha Jeong-woo, Jeon Ji-yeon, and Ryu Seung-beom of The Berlin File

Reporter(Yoo Ji-won) : Trendsetter Ha Jung-woo, charismatic actor Ryu Seung-bum, and the girl next door, Jeon Ji-hyun. The three hot actors and actress of Korea of the new movie, “The Berlin Files” is here. Their stories behind the set of the  action-packed movie starts now.

Reporter : With us today is the cast of “The Berlin Files”, the most anticipated movie of the season.

Reporter :  Hello.

Everyone :  Hi. It’s good to be here.

Reporter : Berlin is a dangerous city  where one lives in secret. Jung-woo plays a “ghost” agent who senses something fishy during his mission, and an international conspiracy surrounds those who are after the truth.

Han Seok-gyu : Is this a ghost I see?

Reporter : What aspect of “The Berlin File” convinced you to do the film?

Roo Seung-bum : It’s not easy to find a movie with a perfectly arranged cast, but this was an exception. I didn’t want to miss a great opportunity.

Ha Jung-woo I liked that the movie took place in Berlin. I imagined the characters walking through the streets of the city, and just that in itself is a movie. I was completely drawn to that.

Jun Ji-hyun : I was actually quite excited about working with director Ryu Seung-wan…

Reporter : The sweet, sexy, and bubbly star who’s at the peak of her career after the success of “The Thieves”, plays Ryeon Jung-hee, a woman with secrets, and the wife of Jung-woo’s character.

Was it awkward working with just men? Did you feel lonely?

Jun Ji-hyun : It was awkward at first. It took awhile  for me to get comfortable compared to other movies.  I do have to say that I felt quite lonely.

Ha Jung-woo : You’re a married woman.

Reporter : Ji-hyun felt lonely the entire time she was doing the film.

Director Ryu admits it was mainly his fault.

Roo Seung-wan(Director) : I have a confession to make to Ji-hyun. I actually told the staff and cast to make Ji-hyun feel lonely throughout the shooting.

Reporter : The reason for that was so Ji-hyun would naturally portray a gloomy personality.

Thanks to his idea, Ji-won was able to carry her role well and be in tune with Jung-woo’s character.

So can we expect a lot of romance between those two?

Jun Ji-hyun : This movie is too dark for any romance.

It would’ve been nice if there was a little bit of romance…

Ha Jung-woo There’s no time for us to even kiss ‘cause I’m always being chased.

Kissing abruptly while being chased wouldn’t be appropriate for the plot.

Reporter : Many of Jung-woo’s past roles involved being chased. Once again, his character is one that’s being pursued.

Is there a reason he chooses such roles?

Ha Jung-woo : I must’ve sinned a lot in my previous life and am having to make up for it by being chased in movies. But, I honestly think those types of characters are the most theatric ones.

Reporter : On the other hand, Seung-bum has always proven to be matchless with his fierce antagonistic acting skills. This time, he plays a heartless character who will do anything to protect his power.

Movie : The person you trust most is the most suspicious person.

Roo Seung-bum - He’s very ambitious.

Reporter :  I see it in your eyes.

Roo Seung-bum : Through this movie, I hope to give everyone a fresh performance by showing a new powerful and evil image.

Reporter : We look forward to the spectacular acting skills of two of Korea’s best actors.

Ha Jung-woo : There’s a scene in the movie where Seung-bum hits me in the face. It wasn’t initially part of the script,  but I agreed to it so we decided to add the scene.

We shot the same scene repeatedly that I eventually lost my words. The moment I got hit, all the pimples began to pop up from my skin.

Reporter : Seriously?

Ha Jung-woo : Yes. So I had to see a dermatologist several times.

Reporter : Director Ryu Seung-wan and actor Ryu Seung-bum teamed up for the sixth time to take on a new challenge of bringing guns into their movie for the first time.

Roo Seung-bum I know it’s not real, but the action feels so real.

My friends texted me during the shoot and asked, “How’s the movie coming along?”, and I’d say, “I shot 4 today.” The sound of gun shots is heart-pounding.

Reporter : Jung-woo showed off North Korean martial arts and gunnery for the first time in movie history.

He had to start off by learning how to make a proper fist.

On top of that, he pulled off some amazing wire stunts.

Ha Jung-woo : I cling to a car in one scene. It’s not easy to cling to a car for a long time, so they attached me to a wire and had me put my foot on a support, but my martial arts director made it too small. I have big feet, but he made it so it supports his small foot.

My foot was dragging on the road. It was too harsh.

But since they promised to cover any injuries , I had to endure it as the leading actor of the film.

Reporter : And don’t forget the father of spy movies.

I’m sure the three actors have a lot to say about working with Han Suk-kyu.

Movie : Do I look like a good person to you?

Ha Jung-woo : I was thrilled when I heard the news. I always hoped that I’d get an opportunity to work with Suk-kyu one day, and it happened.

It was truly an honor and surprise  to be in the same movie as him.

Ha Jung-woo :  How about you, Ji-hyun?

Jun Ji-hyun : I loved working with him.

Jun Ji-hyun The day we flew out of Korea to do the shooting, Suk-kyu had brought everything with him. He called me over one time when I was homesick, and was craving Korean food.

I wasn’t eating well during my stay oversees. When I went over, he had prepared two dishes. Curry and black bean paste rice.

Reporter :  How thoughtful.

Jun Ji-hyun :  Yes, he is.

Reporter : An intense chase brought on by a different set of goals.

In “The Berlin Files”, you face greater danger the more you run, and the more you dig.

Jun Ji-hyun : It’s great to be able to introduce another incredible film to you.

Roo Seung-bum : We have a lot in store for you in the small city of Berlin…

Ha Jung-woo : So check out our new movie when it hits theaters. Thank you!

Reporter : That concludes today’s interview with three of Korea’s hottest stars.



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