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Interview with “Missing You” Heroine, Yun Eun-hye

She appeared in pair of short pants and a denim jacket. She cut her hair short. As expected, she was stylish, but at the same time, she looked a little tired. Meet Yun Eun-hye, who recently starred as the strong but vulnerable Lee Su-yeon in “Missing You”.

“I collapsed during the last filming day of the drama and I had to be brought to the hospital,” Yun Eun-hye started carefully. She was hesitant in mentioning that she had been unwell, but her voice was gentle enough to console the sick. 

“It was so cold during the shoot. I got really weak and would throw up when I so much as drink water. The director kept on telling me to go to the hospital, but I didn’t want to go in the middle of the shoot. Then I collapsed on the last day. I think I did more harm in the end. It was because I had to cry in a lot of the scenes, and all the piled-up fatigue just burst. I’ve just been to an oriental medicine clinic today. The doctor there explained my condition with “Dongui Bogam” laid out in front of him. He said I had low energy and my body was under a lot of stress. Now I try to reduce the stress and look after myself better.”

In “Missing You,” Yun Eun-hye appeared as she had never done before. The lovely, comic image she had in “Princess Hours” and “Coffee Prince” was gone. “Missing You” was emotionally demanding with a tearful scene in almost every episode. After the drama ended, critics lauded Yun Eun-hye for meeting the turning point of her acting career.  

“I’m grateful when I hear that. To be honest, I had some hesitations before I started this drama, but many people helped me. I normally get sensitive and stressed our when I start a project. In ‘Missing You,’ I was quite worried because the young actors did such a good job in the beginning. In my previous works, I was frequently criticized for my acting, so I was naturally worried. Then, I had to keep up with the good work of the young actors and join the team midway. I thought I’d be told off, so I was thankful for all the good things I hear.”
Yun Eun-hye starred opposite two younger actors in the drama. Naturally, not all women could see her without a tinge of jealousy. How did it feel to act with younger actors?

“To be honest, I never saw younger men as men until a year ago. I couldn’t even hold a proper conversation with them. But the two actors were mature. When I heard about the cast, I just emptied my mind and accepted that I’ve reached that age when I have to start acting with younger men. I felt better after I started thinking like that. I also thought we had to get closer, so I tried to talk to the two of them. They were also rather introverted and careful (laugh). They are really considerate and supportive, even though they are younger than I am.”

Yun Eun-hye debuted as the youngest member of the Baby VOX in 1999 when she was still in middle school. She turned to acting in 2006. Since then, she has focused on acting. Eight years have passed, but she says that acting is becoming more difficult than enjoyable. When she knew little, she could jump into a challenge. Now that she knows a bit more, she has become that much more scared.

“Acting is not something you can do alone. You have to be loved and be criticized just as much. I think it’s love nevertheless. So long as there are people who continue to be interested in me, I want to take on a new project.”


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