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Cannes Queen Jeon Do-yeon vs. Kim Go-eun in “Memories of the Sword”

In the upcoming movie “Memories of the Sword,” Cannes queen Jeon Do-yeon meets rising star Kim Go-eun. It’s the late Goryeo Dynasty, when the sword means power. The betrayal of a man who once dreamed of the throne and the two swords aimed at him 18 years later. “Memories of the Sword” is an action blockbuster that follows the fate of three swordsmen. The movie is garnering attention for bringing Cannes queen Jeon Do-yeon and Kim Go-eun on the same screen. We look at the behind-the-scene story of the two actresses.

The meeting between Chungmuro’s heroine Jeon Do-yeon and rising superstar Kim Go-eun goes back to the young actress’s debut “A Muse.” Jeon Do-yeon paid a surprise visit to the filming site of “A Muse” and gave advice to the then rookie Kim Go-eun to help her shine brighter on the screen.

Two years later, Jeon Do-yeon and Kim Go-eun met again in “Memories of the Sword.” The two actresses formed a tight bond as they trained hard at an action school six months prior to the first shoot. The veteran actress explained that Kim Go-eun is flexible while she is more powerful, bringing different action skills to the movie. The two actresses completed each other on the set and created beautiful and elegant action scenes that only they could pull off.  

Furthermore, Jeon Do-yeon and Kim Go-eun brought out the best of each other. When Kim Go-eun saw how Jeon Do-yeon was handling both the physical and mental demands of her first role as a swordsman, she said, “After seeing how she completed the difficult scenes so gracefully, I couldn’t complain a word.” Jeon Do-yeon also praised Kim Go-eun for fulfilling her role with passion, and said that the young actress could well be her friendly rival.
Check out the explosive synergy between Cannes actress Jeon Do-yeon and Kim Go-eun in the movie “Memories of the Sword” coming to theaters on August 13. 


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