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Eric. Seo Hyun-jin. Jeon Hye-bin.! ′Oh Hae-young Again′ Special commentary

Caption: tvn Monday Tuesday Drama
“Oh Hae-young, Again”
Special commentary

MC: Hello. I am Shin Young-il.
Welcome to the Highlight Commentary on tvn’s new TV series on Mondays and Tuesdays, “Oh Hae-young, Again”. We have the three main protagonists of the series with us here. Hello, everyone.

Actors: Hello

MC: Could you each please introduce the character you play?

Eric: I play, Park Do-gyeong, a sound director who’s caught between the two Oh Hae-youngs. He can also see the future.

Hyun-jin: The Oh Hae-young I play is very plain… in looks, in wits, in romance.

Hye-bin: I am the other Oh Hae-young, who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. We share the same name but not the same luck

MC: So there is two Oh Hye-young. That’s why it is “Oh Hye-young, Again.”

Hyun-jin: It’s a romantic comedy about mistaken identities.

Did I sound like I memorized that?

The story starts with a misunderstanding.
What I felt during filming was that

it’s a story where everyone’s an undeserving victim.

Everyone’s pitiable and their lives get all entangled together.

MC: Could you compose a three-line poem with the lines starting with Oh, Hae and Young?

Let’s start with Seo Hyun-jin. Oh!

Hyun-jin: Oh, it’s all a misunderstanding.

MC: Oh, it’s all a misunderstanding. Hae!

Hyun-jin: Hae-young is my name.

MC: Young.

Hyun-jin: Young anin (Far from appealing) Hae-young I am.

MC: You put some thought to your poem! You prepared it in advance!

MC: Next, Eric is up. He must be feeling the pressure.
Will his poem be better?

Eric: Oh Hae-young is..

MC: Hae

Eric: Hae-young is.

MC: Young

Eric: Young-guk saram (a British person).

Hye-bin: Come on.
Do the last line over again.

Hyun-jin: Cut. NG.

MC: Young.

Eric: I can only think of Young-guk(Britain). Younghwagwan(theater), she went to.

Hye-bin: Where can I go from here? There’s no way of salvaging this.

MC: It’s up to you now, Jeon Hae-bin.
How are you going to save the day?

Hye-bin: My poem will be about people’s reaction to “Oh Hae-young, Again.”

MC: People’s reaction to “Oh Hae-young, Again.” Oh!

Hye-bin: Ohhhhhh!

MC: Hae!

Hye-bin: Hehhhh…

Caption: Hah hah hah hah

MC: Young

Hye-bin: Yooooooung.

Hyun-jin: Good save.

Hye-bin: Oh yeah.

Eric: We’ll go with this poem.

MC: Hehhh… What’s that?

Hye-bin: You know, like the Japanese exclamation, ‘ehhhh’?

MC: So you are even thinking of exporting to Japan.

Hye-bin: That’s right.

MC: Your poems were all quite impressive but a bit lacking in information. Let’s try to add some more content. Oh!

Hyun-jin: Oh-weol (May) 2nd.

MC: Hae.

Eric: Hae-yo(It’s on.)

MC: Young

Hye-bin: Younghwa(Movies) have nothing on this TV drama.

MC: “Oh Hae-young, Again.” It’s awesome.

Caption: Everyone is pleased with their poem.

MC: So, let’s take a look at some hightlight scenes from the show.

Caption: Highlight scene from “Oh Hae-young, Again”

MC: The first scene is an action scene.

Man: It only took 2 weeks to film the movie. Why is the sound part taking over a month?

Hye-bin: They learned the foley technique to actually do the foley process in the scene.

MC: Eric actually learned the technique?

Hyun-jin: Not Eric. The other actors. Eric just gave orders.

Caption: Perfectionist sound director, Park Do-gyeong.

Hyun-jin: Cut!

MC: Cut! and a blow.

Hye-bin: This is where the symptoms start.

MC: He’s starting to see things, right?

Hye-bin: He’s seeing the future.

MC: His eyes look different. He’s seeing something. Park somewhere else?

Hyun-jin: How did you film that scene?

Eric: We actually dropped a real signboard.

MC: So a real signboard was dropped on a real car?

Eric: That’s right. After dropping the signboard, there was broken glass powder everywhere in the air.

MC: That’s not a scene you can afford to retake. How did you manage to succeed in a single try?

Eric: First: we tied the signboard up and shot the actors first.

After we shot everything, we shot the signboard dropping.

The sound was much louder than I’d thought. I wondered whether I should have made my reaction bigger but by then it was too late to change anything.

MC: What’s your opinion on your reaction now?

Eric: I think it was appropriate.

Caption: Hah hah hah hah hah

MC: Eric Moon, the actor, is satisfied with his acting

Hye-bin: This is the first scene Seo Hyun-jin appears in.

MC: Let’s take a look.

Caption: This man’s secret super-power.

MC: This man’s secret is his super-power.

Man: Our daughter Oh Hae-young’s wedding scheduled for today has been cancelled.

MC: How could you look so cheerful in such a situation.

Hyun-jin: You’ve missed it. My lips are smiling but my eyes aren’t. I’m forcing myself to smile. My eyes were actually crying but I guess it doesn’t show.

MC: That’s what it was?

Hyun-jin: My eyes are crying but my lips are smiling. But I guess it wasn’t obvious enough.

MC: No, I think I see it now.

Hyun-jin: Why did it stop there?

MC: Wow. That’s some editing.

Hyun-jin: I didn’t know my skirt was raised that high up.

MC: Our editor always fails to find the right scenes but I think he did this in purpose. This was intentional.

Hyun-jin: Oh my god.

Hye-bin: You have a clear view of her behind.

Hyun-jin: I wasn’t aware of this during the shooting. I did feel cool for some reason.

MC: You must have felt quite cool.

Hyun-jin: I’m so embarrassed. Please move on to the next scene.

MC: That scene is a keeper. It seems Seo Hyun-jin is in charge of the slap-stick department here.

Hye-bin: That’s right.

Hyun-jin: She’s the pretty one and I’m the ugly one.

Eric: She looks and acts like a cartoon character.

Hyun-jin: Is that a compliment or an insult?

Eric: It’s a compliment.

Hye-bin: What’s that? What did you throw?

Eric: Is that meat?

Hyun-bin: That was beef feet.

Caption: Crazy woman Oh Hae-young

MC: Beef feet.

Hyun-jin: I threw it like I meant to kill someone with it.

MC: You’re a bad daughter to your parents.

Hye-bin: No, she’s not.

MC: She’s not?

Hye-bin: There’s a story behind this.
The plain Oh Hae-young was left by her fiancé just before the wedding. He told her he hated even the sight of her eating. But her parents don’t know about this. So it’s a heart-breaking situation for her.

MC: This story is getting even more interesting. These people know how to get you hooked. I can’t wait to watch the show. Were you trained to do this? Let’s continue.
Is this when they were students?

Hye-bin: Again, I’m the pretty Oh Hae-young.

MC: The popular girl.

Hye-bin: Yes, I was popular even back in school.

Hyun-jin: My character felt envious of her even back then.

Hyun-jin: She was the pretty girl.

MC: You look lovely.

Hyun-jin: They helped me look lovely on camera.

Eric: That’s where we will hold our fan event.

MC: You’re holding a fan event at the shooting location if your viewing rate surpasses 3%, right?

Hye-bin: We’re going to serve tofu.

MC: I see.

Caption: Tofu? Hah hah hah.

MC: What’s this scene? Oh my.

Hye-bin: It’s a bed scene.

MC: Is that all to the bed scene? Or is there more?

Hye-bin: There’s a bit more. This was actually my first bed scene ever.

MC: You can’t see the faces clearly.

Hye-bin: That’s me.

Hyun-jin: I went to the shooting a bit early because I wanted to see the bed scene. But by the time I got there
the shooting was over. I was very disappointed.

MC: Why did you want to see it?

Hye-bin: You’re strange.

Hyun-jin: Wouldn’t you want to see one? I did. I was very curious.

Hye-bin: I actually really like this scene. I was really moved by this scene. All women have cried like that once in their life.

Hyun-jin: When they were shooting this scene, our director asked me if I’d ever cried out loud like this. I said of course and asked him if he’d never cried like this before. He answered no.

Hye-bin: This is how you cry when there’s no one and your heart is broken to pieces.

Hyun-jin: It comes from your guts.

Caption: Ummm..


MC: What went through your mind when you shot that scene?

Hyun-jin: That’s a secret.

Caption: Hah hah hah hah hah

MC: Give us at least a hint. Was it something from your past?
Hyun-jin: I can’t say.

MC: Was it that big of a deal?

Hyun-jin: It was.

Caption: Clap!

Hyun-jin: Actually no.
I don’t remember what I was thinking.

Hye-bin: I think a lot of female viewers will see their own faces overlapping with Seo Hyun-jin’s face in this scene. It’s a really powerful scene.
There’s a lot of handsomeness in this scene.

MC: Yes. Handsomeness full on.

Caption: Handsomeness Handsomeness

Hye-bin: So handsome.

MC: Yes. It’s there.

Oh, you can’t take your eyes off of it.

Do you work out regularly and is this how your body looks all the time? Or was this a rushed effort?

Eric: It was a rushed effort.

The proper way to build your body would have taken much longer.

Hyun-jin: He’s serious.
He’s very serious.

Eric: I’m supposed to be a sound director so I thought I shouldn’t have a perfectly chiseled body.

Hye-bin: Is that really the reason?

Caption: Hah hah hah hah hah

MC: Ye Ji-won’s character is also quite something.

Eric: I love that posture. It’s like a cartoon.

Hyun-jin: I just pass through in this scene.

Caption: The beginning of all misunderstanding.
Oh Hae-young is back “again.”

MC: Wow, all the men are going crazy when Jeon Hye-bin appears.

Hye-bin: Who acts like that in an elevator? But this is a drama character so please understand.

MC: Let’s stop here. This is the taekwondo scene you were telling me about before.

Hyun-jin: All the moves and kicks were choreographed by Ye Ji-won. The scene with the water bottle kick was also choreographed by her. She held the bottle, kicked the bottle and basically did the scene all by herself.

MC: Was the scene dangerous to shoot?

Hyun-jin: No. She was very accurate with her kick so the shooting was finished in one try.

MC: It was all done in the first try?

Hyun-jin: Yes.

MC: That’s amazing.

Eric: I love this dance.

Hye-bin: I love this scene. Everyone loves this scene.

MC: What is the dance supposed to mean?

Hyun-jin: It’s a desperate situation. We’re dancing to save our lives.

MC: Is that what it is?

Hyun-jin: Doesn’t it look like that?

MC: I can see the dance is done in desperation. Was the character supposed to be drunk when dancing?

Hyun-jin: No, she’s quite fine.

MC: She’s fine?

Hyun-jin: She’s really dancing to save herself.

Hye-bin: It’s her last attempt to feel alive.

The funny thing is her mom approaches her to scold her but ends up dancing together with her.

MC: It looks like a variation of the Gaedari Dance.
Why is the mother dancing with her?

Hye-bin: She empathized with her daughter.

MC: What’s your take on the highlight scenes?

Hye-bin: I think this drama will help people get over their Monday blues. You should definitely see it before going to bed.

MC: Okay. All three of you are convincing but I think Jeon Hye-bin is the most convincing. She must have gotten special training from the PR department. She’s going a great job.

Caption: Feeling proud

MC: What was the scene that stayed in your head for the longest time after shooting it?

Hye-bin: I did a kiss scene with Eric recently. He was very nervous. So I took the lead and did a good job.

Eric: I always listen to women.

Hye-bin: He was a good follower.

Eric: The first scene Hye-bin had to shoot was the bed scene and the second scene was the kiss scene. I just did as she told me.

Hye-bin: As I told you.

Hyun-jin: How sweet it must have been.

MC: I hear you are disappointed you don’t have a kiss scene yet. Will you get one before the show’s over?

Hyun-jin: I’ll get one just before I die of old age.

MC: So there will be one later? I’ll be looking forward to it.
Let’s finish with our commentary. Can you leave our viewers with a last comment?

Eric: We will do our best to make a good show. We hope to present our show soon. Thank you.

Hyun-bin: We’ve got a great script and we’re paying attention to details. I hope you enjoy our drama.

Hye-bin: I hope you enjoy “Oh Hae-young, Again” which will make you feel refreshed in this lovely spring season.
The drama will start soon. We are doing our best to present a great show. I hope everyone enjoys it.

MC: This wraps up our commentary with the three main protagonists. The first episode of “Oh Hae-young, Again” will be on May 2nd, Monday night 11pm. We hope you enjoy the show.

Actors: Three cheers for “Oh Hae-young, Again!”

Caption: tvn Monday Tuesday Drama
“Oh Hae-young, Again”
Premieres May 2, Monday night 11pm

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