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Interview of Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-gyo of "Descendants of the Sun"

Caption:February 22, 2016 Imperial Palace Hotel
“Descendants of the Sun” Production Press Conference

Song Joong-ki, Song Hye-gyo / The eye-catching “Double Song Couple”

Caption: Song Joong-ki

JK: Hi, I’m Song Joong-ki and I play the part of Captain Yoo Si-jin in “Descendants of the Sun”.

Caption: Song Hye-gyo

HG: Hi, I play the part of Kang Mo-yeon in “Descendants of the Sun”.

Caption: Character Introduction

JK: Captain Yoo Si-jin is in the special forces and the leader of Alpha team. He is placed in various situations as the leader of Alpha team and his unit, but the most important thing is the sweet love story between him and Kang Mo-yeon. You can look forward to it. Thank you.

Caption: Character Introduction

HG: Kang Mo-yeon is a gifted doctor and the hospital recognizes her for her talents, but the most important people don’t give her recognition. She struggles in the midst of it and face difficulties. She meets Captain Yoo Si-jin, falls in love and learns many things through him. She becomes more mature as a doctor as she overcomes hard situations with her medical team.

Caption: How did you feel about playing the role of a soldier after being discharged from the army?

JK: Many people asked me about it, including my acquaintances and the media. They seem to find it interesting that I’m playing the role of a soldier as soon as I was discharged from the army. However, I don’t mind. I read the script 2 months before I became a sergeant. I couldn't say no to the role. I also found out that this is a well-known story in the industry. It’s truly an honor to be part of this drama.

Caption: How did you feel about acting with Song Joong-ki?

HG: I’m not just saying this because he’s here, but he was very easy to work with. He and I have many similarities. So, we both tried to make each other when filming. Joong-ki has great manners when treating actresses. He helped me out a lot during shoots. Sometimes, the shoots lasted for a long time and it became physically tiring. He encouraged me during those times and I knew I could rely on him. Most importantly, as you already know, he is a very talented actor, which often motivated me to work harder to become a better actress.


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