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The main trailer of “Train to Busan”, the disaster film

G: Su-an is coming here tomorrow, even if she has to come alone.

NA: Seok-woo boards the train to Busan with his daughter Su-an, along with other passengers.

SH: I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

NA: Right then, the conductor is attacked by an unknown being.

M: Excuse me.

One of the passengers seems odd.

NA: One of the passengers has become a zombie.

Crew: We have an emergency patient in car number 11.

NA: Zombies start attacking people. The train attendant has been infected as well. The zombie virus spreads through the whole train in an instant.

This is the first time the whole nation of Korea has been infected with a virus.

SW: Su-an, stay right here for a minute.

NA: They get off at Daejeon station to find safety. However, zombies have taken over the area already.

Su-an has to face danger by herself.

Man: Get in, get in!

NA: The remaining survivors board the train again.

Man: What are you doing? Hurry up and leave!

Woman: We can’t, my friends aren’t here yet.

SA: Dad!

NA: Seok-woo and Sang-hwa lose their daughter and wife in the chaos.

SH: Which car are you on?

G: I’m in car 11. Hurry up and get here!

SG: I’ll be there as soon as we clear the tunnel.

Director: Ready, action!

NA: The young Kim Su-an became the mascot of the movie.

Caption: Kim Su-an, the mascot of “Train to Busan”

NA: She has to cry out for her dad.

Caption: She has to cry out for her dad

GY: Why aren’t you calling out to me?

Caption: Why aren’t you calling out to me?

SA: Am I supposed to?

Caption: So innocent

Am I supposed to?

GY: Yes, you are.

Caption: Surprised

Of course!

NA: She’s cute even when she makes mistakes, which draws out the emotions of a father from Gong Yu. They play the parts of a loving father and daughter in the midst of a disastrous situation.

Caption: Kim Su-an, the cute actress, draws out the emotions of a father

She plays the part of a loving daughter with Gong Yu, who has the role of her father Seok-woo

NA: Ma Dong-seok plays the part of Sang-hwa, a strong husband that struggles to protect his pregnant wife.

Caption: Ma Dong-seok plays the part of Sang-hwa, a strong husband that struggles to protect his pregnant wife

DS: Run, run!

NA: The most difficult part was when he had to run alongside and keep up with the moving train.

Caption: Tired from trying to keep up with the train

Crew: We’ll play this twice as fast.

Caption: Sad



No, like right now!

DS: Fine.

No, like right now!

SW: Listen, don’t you know what is going on?

NA: The people struggle to survive in the train headed for Busan, the only safe haven left.

Man: This train can no longer go to Busan.

SW: Why did you do that? Why?

NA: Will these people be able to survive in the midst of this unprecedented disaster?

SW: We can fit everyone.

Caption: Train to Busan

NA: This is the film “Train to Busan”.


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