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A Melody to Remember, Lim Si-wan Interview

Caption: Production report of “A Melody to Remember”
Lim Si-wan

SW: Hi, I’m Lim Si-wan and I play the part of a soldier named Han Sang-ryeol, who holds a baton in his hand instead of a gun.

Caption: Ko Ah-seong

AS: Hi, I’m Ko Ah-seong and I play the role of Park Ju-mi, a teacher of students that don’t lose their smile even during the war.

Caption: Why did you choose this movie?

SW: After reading the script, I thought that maybe I was losing my innocence to reality. I could feel the innocence and pureness of the children even through the script. That helped me make my decision.

Caption: I heard you did many things for the first time to play this role.

SW: I’ve never learned how to play the piano, let alone how to conduct. However, Sang-ryeol is a skilled pianist and a good conductor. So, I worked hard to fit my role. Starting from before the shoot and even during the shoot, I was busy preparing myself to sync with the character.

HJ: I could see how hard Si-wan was trying. He’d go to a martial arts class in the morning and straight to his piano lesson.

SW: For action scenes…

HJ: There is a short scene we shot at Haeundae, Busan. Sang-ryeol goes for a swim, exhausted from his daily routine. He has to go in the water in his trunks. So, Si-wan went on a diet of chicken breast and stopped drinking to get his body ready.

SW: The most difficult thing during the shoot was that I couldn’t drink.

HJ: I went to his car once and found him eating scoops of protein powder that looked like dog food to me.

Caption: What was the scene with Hee-jun like? I heard he hits people for real.

SW: We didn’t go through a rehearsal for that scene.
It was a scene where he kicks me. He came straight for me. I was alarmed at first. But I liked it because it really stimulated me. I didn’t have to try to act it out, so he made it easy for me.

Caption: What made the shoot enjoyable?

AS: We spent 4 days together at a time and staying together is fun. We get to hang out at night and drink with the other cast members and the director. Most of the scenes were filmed in Gyeongju. It’s a 4-hour-drive, but it was never boring. I was always excited and we prepared ourselves for the scenes we’d be filming next.

Caption: How did you like working with Ah-seong?

SW: Most of the casts were men and the director is a guy as well. I’m thankful that she was able to blend in and handle being around so many guys. I wasn’t able to take very good care of her though.
That may be why she spent more time with the children. At least, that’s what I think.

Female: Why didn’t you ask me then?

Caption: What was the most difficult during the shoot?

SW: As I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t able to drink much. That was my biggest struggle.

I hope this movie will help you bring out the innocent child in you that you had forgotten over the years. Thank you.

Female: Thank you.
Good luck to “A Melody to Remember”!

Thank you.


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