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  • 2016-07-06 17:52:14
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‘Train to Busan,’ a disaster movie, released three versions of posters that express a great struggle

‘Train to Busan,’ a movie that shows the fierce struggle for survival by those who happened to be in a train headed for Busan during the time when South Korea was badly hit by an unprecedented disaster, is attracting a great deal of attention after it has released the posters of its six main characters.

The first poster features Gong Yoo, the actor who portrayed the character of Suk Woo, a fund manager, and Soo-an Kim, who played the role of his daughter, Soo-an. The poster vividly shows the fear of a father and a daughter faced with the terror of a great disaster that has never been seen before. The expression of Soo-an Kim, trembling while enfolded in her father’s arms, perfectly displays the feelings that an individual can go through in the middle of a catastrophe. The look in the eyes of Kong Yoo shows the instinctive love of a father for his daughter, as well as his determination to rescue her, along with the quote, “I will keep you safe.”

The second poster shows a fateful instant between Yu-mi Jeong, who portrayed the character of Sung Kyung, the wife of Sang Hwa, and Dong-suk Ma, who played the role of Sang Hwa, the husband of Sung Kyung. The poster displays a wife, who is about to give birth, and her husband being chased by infected persons at the heart of a messed-up disaster location, along with the quote, “You don’t have to quiver with fear.”

The third poster features Woo-shik Choi, who portrayed the character of Young Kook, an ace player and a cleanup hitter of a baseball team, and So-hee Ahn, who played the role of Jin Hee, a cheerleader for the said baseball team. The poster shows these two characters with downhearted eyes holding hands, relying on each other in the middle of a terrible disaster. Moreover, the quote, “Some friends don’t get on yet,” vividly expresses their close friendship and desperate struggle to survive the catastrophe.


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