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  • 2016-02-26 18:06:49
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Min Jin-woong of “DongJu: The Portrait of a Poet” made a strong presence as a next-generation scene stealer

Actor Min Jin-woong left a strong impression to the audience with his distinctive acting style in the upcoming Korean movie titled “DongJu: The Portrait of a Poet” directed by Lee Jun-ik. Min played the character of Gang Cheo-jung, who was a friend of Yun Dong-ju (played by Kang Ha-neul) and Song Mong-gyu (played by Park Jung-min). They spent their school life and youth together, enjoying writing and having discussions. Min presents a moment of laughter to the audience with his funny hairstyle parted in the middle and aged looks, leaving a powerful impression with his distinctive character, who offers a breath of fresh air in the serious plot of the movie.

The scene where Gang Cheo-jung first appeared in the movie is one of the staffs’ best cuts in the movie that made them laugh so much, and they were unsparing with their praise of the actor’s energetic performance. Min, who graduated from Korea National University of Arts, appeared in movies like “Fashion King,” “Angry Lawyer,” and “The Priests.” He acted as the bodyguard of Kim Tae-hyeon (played by Joo Won) in the SBS drama titled “Yongpari,” one of the most popular soap operas that reached 20% in viewership ratings last year, making himself known to the public.

As such, Min Jin-woong has been receiving much attention as a rising movie star by building up his career spectrum with his distinctive acting skills. “DongJu: The Portrait of a Poet” is a story of lifetime friends and rivals—Yun Dong-ju, Korea’s most-loved poet, and Song Mong-gyu, an independence activist—who spent their splendid young days in 1945 when no names, languages, and dreams were allowed. The movie was released on the 17th.


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