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  • 2015-02-27 18:32:24
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“Spy” Kim Jae-joong Warms Up with Fans’ Love

Kim Jae-joong (JYJ member) of the drama “Spy” is fighting the winter cold with the fans’ love. On the morning of the 25th, KBS 2TV Friday miniseries “Spy” (writer Han Sang-woon and Lee Kang, director Park Hyun-suk, production Iam TV, DN Contents, 7even Studio) revealed photos of Kim Jae-joong, Bae Jong-wok, Yoo Oh-sung, and Go Sung-hee fighting the cold in different ways on the set. 

First, Kim Jae-joong is bearing the cold with his jumper. He is always seen wearing the jumper that says “Kim Sun-woo Jae-joong I’m Hot” that his fans gave him as a present. He is overcoming the winter cold with the warm love of his fans.

Bae Jong-wok catches the eye with her knowhow for fighting the cold. She uses hot canned drink with hot packs to keep her mouth warm so that she can speak properly. She always keeps a small blanket nearby and covers her lap with it whenever she can to keep her temperature up.

Meanwhile, Yoo Oh-sung keeps the cold at bay with a heater. He chooses to keep his face close to the heater to completely block out the cold during breaks when he is filming outside in the minus zero weather.

Lastly Go Sung-hee is using the full equipment to win the battle against the cold. She not only buries herself in a down jumper but also keeps a heater nearby to beat the cold.

“The staff and the cast are having a rough time filming outside in the winter and doing all the action scenes as expected of a family spy drama of a new concept,” explained the staff. “Since the first filming to right now as we head toward the end, we’ve had minus-zero weather, but our actors are giving their best to create the best scene possible.” 

 “Spy” is a family drama about a retired spy and a current housewife Park Hye-rim (Bae Jong-wok) who must protect her family when she is ordered to hand over her son Kim Sun-woo (Kim Jae-joong) who works at the National Intelligence Agency.


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