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  • 2015-09-18 14:42:08
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IKON’s “My Type” Is Totally “Fans’ Type”

IKON knows what works. From the melody to the lyrics, IKON knows exactly what the fans want. At midnight of the 15th, IKON released their official debut song “My Type.” It has been two years since they appeared on YG survival show “Win” in 2013, and it seems like the long wait has paid off. Upon release, “My Type” recorded an “all kill” of online music charts. With their very first song, IKON defeated their senior musicians and topped all the charts.

”My Type” is a groovy, medium-tempo number. The sweet, innocent lyrics convey the gentle thrills of a boy falling in love for the first time. IKON, who had shown powerful charisma on TV, chose a sweet love song for their debut in the K-pop scene. This unexpected choice proved to be the right move. “My Type” brings out the boyish, sweet charms of IKON, especially as they sing the addictive and melodious refrain “You are my type, my type.” Their lyrics – “I want you so bad I can’t stand it” and “I think of you till I sleep” – will hit the spot with female fans,

IKON made their first appearance in 2013 on the show “Win.” They then reshuffled their members through “Mix and Match” and honed their skills, impressing the fans with their improvements. The members Bobby and B.I. proved themselves as rappers on Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 4.” 


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